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Envestnet | Yodlee is a financial data platform, which leverages transaction data from over 15,000 global source. Their financial cloud enables financial institutions, Internet innovators, and developers access to an SaaS platform for the rapid development of financial applications and solutions. Envestnet | Yodlee also delivers real-time insight into consumer behaviours and preferences, empowering the creation of more personalised products, services, and advice.

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The Challenge

Our biggest challenge to-date, which has also included visits to the client’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA. We were contracted by Yodlee to work on finalising a design, created by another agency, and to then develop that design into a new WordPress website.

The site had to include information on products, solutions and services, plus downloadable resources, such as case studies, eBooks and webinars.

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The Solution

It’s always important to retain consistency across a brand, from the logo at the top of a website, right down to retaining the same font size for all elements of a certain kind. Familiarity breeds comfort, which leads to confidence in a brand look & feel, and this will help bring customers back to a website.

Most of the Yodlee pages have a consistent banner, with an image relative to the subject matter on that particular page. The main theme of the images is “blurred lights”, which we needed to bear in mind when sourcing them.

Yodlee Project Headers

Although WordPress is used for this project, we’ve added a lot of extra functionality though the use of third-party and self-developed plugins, particularly for the blade library and resources sections.

With the colour palette provided by the client, and the basic agency-created design, we planned page layouts, which were built from reusable template “blades”; rows of content that could be administered in a single blade library in the WordPress admin, and utilised on one or more pages. A change to the central master blade would affect all other blades, so would save considerable time in site administration.

Most of the standard content has a white or light-grey background, with use of a bubble-patterned design or photos, often faded or colour-desaturated, as alternatives to pick out important content.

Yodlee also decided to utilise our extensive maintenance package, so we’re still working with them on a daily basis to optimise and streamline the offerings on the website, and to incorporate new content for product launches and marketing campaigns.

Yodlee Project Showcase
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Renee Hobbs

Manager, Web Production

I needed some extra help in daily website maintenance tasks, so I brought on purpleplanet to post new pdf and video resources to our resources center, and make front-end website updates.

Their quality of work and ability to deliver on time are two things purpleplanet provides to me that are valuable.

If you want true partnership, innovation, quality work & timely delivery, purpleplanet will provide that and set you up for website success!



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